More iOS 7 Leaks and Rumors Wanted!

Most of the iRumor Mill concerns itself with what components and new looks the next iPhone will don. These days, however, I am more concerned with what the new iOS has in store. The reason for this is that Apple has already figured ou the iPhone’s form. Whether it be conscious or subconscious, it’s really iOS that most people love about the iPhone. Even though it still works beautifully, the current iOS 6 is becoming a little stale and old by tech standards. The app badges and alerts are dated and I could never get used to using the pull-down notification center.

I would actually prefer real life details rather than rumors. Yet, for iOS7, barely any rumors even exist; we are mostly restricted to wishlists and concepts that don’t mean squat. Indeed, rumors don’t really mean squat either, but they are more closely related to what the company will release rather than what people want. To be fair, there’s no telling what a new iOS could look like and do. It’s probably much harder to get leaks for a new iOS than an iPhone design.

It can be suggested that a new iOS could present us with new ways of interacting with apps. But that’s as far as I’ll go with rumors for now, otherwise this starts looking like a wishlist. Apple does respond to what the competition releases. For example, they responded to popular demand of bigger screen size with the iPhone 5. Apple must also realize that UIs are becoming far more interactive; such as Android’s customizable UI and Windows Phone 8’s live tiles.

Apple really doesn’t need to change the over-arching design of the iPhone. Quite rightly, they’ve been tinkering with materials, screen size and components which present incremental yet powerful upgrades on an already loved design (loved by millions and millions in fact). I wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation of iPhones simply take from the iPad Mini’s design; super slim, perhaps a wider border to border screen and lightweight. This is hardly innovative, but you KNOW it would look good…I’d have it.


Leap Motion Controller – Designed for Windows 8 Without Even Knowing It

These days, at least for technology, the term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t really seem to apply. Sure, the mouse is pretty old, but by no means is it broken, nor is it inefficient. But hey, it’s the future! Let’s do something we’ve always done but in a different, cooler and more futuristic way!

I can’t wait to get my hands on this little guy. Actually, my hands will be waving around it rather than being “on” it. Leap’s Motion Controller looks seriously cool. Just take a look at this demo video:

It hasn’t been released yet, but this has massive implications for computer input and could be an alternative to the mouse. It could be the solution that makes sense of Windows 8’s touch and gesture orientation depending on how (and how well) this little box of 3D input magic works. I suppose we would need some sort of cursor to indicate exactly where our fingers are wagging and tapping and we’ll need to train it/get used to how it works. As an added bonus, touch screens on computers running Windows 8 won’t need to be constantly wiped down which is a concern for many.

Although, I don’t see how it could be used for typing yet and I don’t think the keyboard is going anywhere any time soon. Try googling “keyboard alternatives” and you’ll find that these “alternatives” do not stray from the basic concept of text input; pushing buttons, whether physical or virtual. I think voice-to-text input, offered by companies such as Dragon, is the only alternative way to get words on the screen. BUT, imagine if this was integrated into future keyboards!

For more specific uses, such as art, design, architecture and even surgery, the Motion Controller’s 3D modelling abilities could be extremely useful. Also, using it as a game controller really caught my eye. Thinking way back to Duck Hunt, I’ve longed to play Battlefield 3 with a gun controller to look, aim and shoot.Using my hand the way the video shows us is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for. Such devices exist today, albeit mostly for consoles (PS3’s Move and XBox’s Kinect controller variations to name a few). But I shan’t ever use consoles to play FPS games. No one will ever successfully convince me that game pads are better than the keyboard/mouse combo for playing an FPS. Ever.

Anyway, I digress. I have no idea how well it works yet. Going against my recently imposed “no early adoption” rule, I have pre-ordered the Leap Motion Controller. It’s too exciting to pass up and looks like it will be a worthwhile exception to my rule. Plus, it’s only $70?!?! If it was $200, then I probably would have waited to read reviews. And have you seen how small it is?? You could hide it somewhere and feign the ability to control your computer with your hands, possibly ensuring tech demigod status.

Cheaper iPhone? Why?

Cheaper iPhone?…Isn’t that what an iPhone 4 is?

It’s for the “low end market” you say? $0 for a 4 and $99 for a 4S.

Some reports I’ve seen claim it will be built from cheaper materials, such as polycarbonate plastic. Many also believe that it will use leftover components from previous iPhones in a similar way that the iPad Mini frankensteins the iPad 2. I’m not sure why anyone would buy what sounds like a plastic iPhone 4(S) when the real ones are so cheap already. Even if they used 3GS components for cheapness, who would want an iPhone that runs iOS 6 really, really slowly?

The more I think about it, the less I see Apple  making an intentionally “low-end” product like the competition does (eg: Lumia 920 vs 820). All their iPhones have been “premium” as standard; none were actively designed to be lesser/suck which some phone makers do for the low-end market.  It can be argued that there are “premium” iPhone models; Apple does so by adding and S at the end of it. But I still don’t think the intention was to market an “S” phone as the premium model; it is announced and released separately as newer and better. So, in essence, each release is entirely different even if it is an “S” and looks exactly the same as the previous release. I wouldn’t say the older iPhones are  “low-end” now; they were all built with the intention of being the best. And my iPhone 4 is still working like a champ. But they do have a low-end price tag, so why build and release a whole new “low-end iPhone?” Maybe so it can be sold independently from contract for pay-as-you-go users? Not entirely convinced.

I call BS. If these rumors are true, then I call a WTF??