iPhone 5 Rumors vs Reality TODAY *post-reveal update*

Yep, the design rumors and leaks were spot on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s an awesome upgrade and it does look great. It’s just that it looks more like an “iPhone 4SS XL” (Super Sport Extra Large) rather than a whole new line or generation of iPhone.
In the video on Apple’s site, there was emphasis, with an apologetic feel, on the decision to keep the iPhone’s width the same and making the screen taller. Apple’s John Ive’s reason/excuse was one of ergonomics; “by making the screen taller, and not wider, you can see more of your content and still comfortably use it in one hand.” The script editors must have decided to leave the part where you need incredibly long thumbs for it to be “comfortable.” Even on a 3.5 inch screen, I don’t remember it being that effortless to reach the address bar on Safari with my thumbs; it’s still a reach.  I suppose it’s completely objective and opinions would vary depending on the size of your hands/thumbs. And I’m nit picking because I wanted the screen to be larger. Humph.
Despite my light rant on the iPhone 5’s taller screen and hard to reach address bars, I would have liked to see a wider AND taller screen. Again, purely objective, but playing around on those Samsung Galaxies (the III and Note) really appeals to a person who uses his/her phone quite often for many different uses. Things like calendars, surfing the webs, shopping, email, watching videos, using the map, games, using utility apps, reading the news…pretty much everything. Night Sky would look awesome on the Galaxy Note, wouldn’t it?

iPhone 5 Rumors vs Reality TODAY

The leaked photos of the iPhone 5’s “new design” have been extremely underwhelming.  Its supposed rectangular design, no matter how two-tone and unibody it might be, is antiquated by tech standards and looks like what the 4S was to the 4; a hardware upgrade. I think it might be an overkill to call it a “revolutionary new design.” But Apple knows they can say and do whatever they want and the ultra-loyalists will consume their tripe and form a somewhat orderly line outside the store a la depression era.

We already know what iOS6 holds for us, Apple has had details on its site for ages. Not bad, nothing spectacular, except for their own Maps app which looks pretty cool. And maybe the Passport app.

Looks like the revolutionary tree that Apple has been growing on might be reaching its peak height. I hope the rumors about the design are false. If not, I hope it’s just a phase and they come back (maybe after the 5S?) with the innovation we know they are capable of. Let’s see what happens at today’s event!